Trophy D’Ecosse 2014: day one

Apologies for the delayed coverage of the Trophy D’Ecosse in Dumfries on 14 to 16 March, but with the Isle of Wight teams based in a tranquil but remote farmhouse, internet access is limited, though deer and llamas are abundant.

Wight Jewels are currently second to Les Cometes of Dunkirk after the junior short programme. Out first, the Jewels turned in a clean skate for 29.02 points, which was encouragingly within a point of their British championship score. Cometes turned in a far stronger result than their recent championships, taking the lead with 30.56. Both teams have just completed their official practice for the free, and the final result should also be close.

Wight Sparkles, out first to skate in the juveniles , scored 21.49 for what turned out to be fifth place. The event was won by Nottingham Silhouettes (30.11), with Solway Lightning second on 27.70 and Polish team Le Soleil third on 23.62. Lightning was unlucky – a fall and subsequent grade of execution deductions may just have cost them the opportunity to topple Nottingham from top spot.



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