British Synchronized Skating Championships 2014

The British Synchronized Skating Championships get under way at iceSheffield on 18 and 19 January, and the Isle of Wight is fielding four teams at the event.

Wight Sparkles  are competing at juvenile level, Wight Crystals in the mixed age category, Wight Jewels at junior level, and Wight Fossils in the adult group. The event is the debut in the championships of the Wight Fossils, and our adult skaters are up against 11 other teams.

Wight Crystals compete for the first time in the mixed age class. In previous seasons the team competed at novice level, but this year is unable to meet the requirements and has had to change class. The Crystals face 12 other teams.

Wight Sparkles will compete in a group of six teams.

Wight Jewels compete against only Nottingham Icicles in the junior class. The competition will be one of only a few outings for our junior team this season, all of which are on the domestic circuit. No ISU internationals are planned within the qualifying period for the Junior World Challenge Cup later in the year.

Coverage of the event will be live on the internet via NISA TV, for which a subscription is required.

Live streaming:


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