Amy takes solo dance title

Gosport skater Amy World, who also skates for the IW synchronized skating teams, took the basic novice ladies title at the British Solo Dance Championships yesterday in Sheffield.

It was an exciting contest, with Amy trailing going into the free dance, but delivering a blistering performance to take the title.

NISA’s Facebook posts (edited for clarity) record the event as follows:

In the Fourteenstep, “early on the standard was set by Amy World representing Gosport with a score of 7.82, but Ellie O’Connell representing Nottingham replied with a score of 8.42 moving her into 1st place ahead of Amy. Rosie James-Green representing Sheffield secured 3rd place with a score of 7.62.”

In the Foxtrot, “Ellie and Amy held on to 1st and 2nd places respectively with scores of 8.75 and 8.67, with 3rd place going to Elizabeth Sidebottom representing Nottingham with a score of 7.46. Elise Gough representing Sheffield was 4th with a score of 7.30 and despite finishing the section in 5th place with a score of 7.29 Rosie held on to 3rd place overall.

“The free dance brought further changes. A great performance from Emily Barnett representing Oxford skating to My Fair Lady gave her a score of 36.84 in the free resulting in a total score of 49.84 and 3rd place overall – a climb of five places from 8th place after the first two sections.

“Opening up the final group of skaters, Elise skated her way into 2nd place overall, from 6th place after the first two sections, to music from Flashdance and Footloose, and following her Amy skated a stunning free dance to finish the competition in 1st place with scores of 37.04 in the free and 53.53 overall.”



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