Basingstoke Opens 2013 – results

Clean sweep: IW takes top three in class 3D. Pictured L to R: Sophie-Rose Broadley-Darby, Beth Howarth, Robyn Johnson

IW skaters are competing this week at the Basingstoke Open Competitions, and the following results have been reported to

Class 1A, beginner ladies 14 years and over:  2nd Rhiannon Hudson, 3rd Phoebe Ockendon, 4th Serena Copping, 7th Sarah Baldwin

Class 1B, beginner ladies 12 and 13 years: 3rd Faith Wilkinson

Class 1D, beginner ladies age 11 years: 7th Saphire Recalde-Arnold, 9th Ayesha Taylor

Class 1E, beginner ladies age 10 years: 1st Lauren Wood

Class 1F, beginner ladies age 9: 15th Holly Eldridge

Class 2B, beginner men age 11 and over: 2nd Will Riley, 5th James Wright

Class 3A, level 1 ladies age 10 and under: 6th Toni Delap

Class 3D, level 1 ladies age 13 and over: 1st Beth Howarth, 2nd Robyn Johnson, 3rd Sophie-Rose Broadley-Darby, 10th Kirsty Atter

Class 5C, level 2 ladies age 13 and over: 1st Beckie Vockins

Class 7C, level 3 ladies age 14 and over: 2nd Keelin Scholes

Class 11B, level 5 ladies age 12 and over: 1st Amy World (GOS), 3rd Charlotte Chapman

Class 20, level 9 men: 1st Archie Bicknell

Class 25, exhibition level 4 and under, age 11 and under: 6th Lauren Wood, 10th Toni Delap

Class 26, exhibition any level: 4th Amy World (GOS), 15th Sarah Baldwin

Class 28, show number: 3rd Isle of Wight

Basingstoke Club website:



  1. I Took This Photo of Beth, Robyn and Sophie at the ice rink. Great day 🙂 I’m always friends with all of them and sisters with one of them. They did fabulous, it was such a great day I took this photo to remember the day

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