Wight Jewels retain perfomance squad status

Wight Jewels at the Trophy D'Ecosse 2013 © David Paterson, www.eventfotos.co.uk
Wight Jewels at the Trophy D’Ecosse 2013 © David Paterson, http://www.eventfotos.co.uk

The National Ice Skating Association has named its performance squad members for the 2013-14 season, and the Wight Jewels are again named on the squad at junior level for synchronized skating. This year they are no longer alone, joined by fellow junior team Nottingham Icicles.

Both teams performed well last season, with Icicles achieving the best international judging system (IJS) score of the season at a British domestic event (the British championships), and the Wight Jewels scoring the highest IJS score of any British junior team at an International Skating Union (ISU) international event (the Trophy D’Ecosse).

Update (31 May 2013): Dumfries junior team Solway Stars has also been named a performance squad team, joining the Jewels and the Icicles (NISA link: www.iceskating.org.uk/node/6170). However, NISA has named them as such for the 2012/13 season, not the 2013/14 season. NISA may have made an error on its dates as the 2012/13 synchro season is over; an error is possible considering the news has been posted twice (also at www.iceskating.org.uk/node/6173)

No senior teams were named: no team had achieved the required scores as of May 2013.

Two former IW skaters, sister and brother Charlotte and Henry Aiken, are also on the performance squad: Charlotte is named along with partner Josh Whidborne at senior level in ice dance, and Henry along with partner Mina Zdravkova at junior level in ice dance.

Link: www.iceskating.org.uk/node/6145

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