Bracknell IJS Opens 2013 – results

Bracknell Open IJS Competitions took place on 22 to 26 April at the John Nike Leisure Centre, Bracknell. Only a few IW skaters took part, all some of the IW club’s more experienced skaters.

In the adult opens on Monday 22 April, Carol Taverner was first in the Silver class (9F) with a score of 13.84, also achieving 6th in the Artistic competition for level 2 and above with a score of 14.27.

In the singles competitions, Keelin Scholes was 16th with 16.29 in the level 3 ladies. Nikita Heathfield was 10th both in the level 8 ladies short and the level 8 ladies free with 15.49 and 29.43 respectively, her free programme score being a personal best. Archie Bicknell was second in the level 9 men free with 41.55, a personal best.

Amy World, representing Gosport but also an IW synchro team member, kept up her winning form with a first place in the level 5 ladies, scoring 34.10. In the solo dance, she was first with 38.48 in the basic novice ladies free, and third in the basic novice ladies foxtrot with 12.18.

Bracknell Ice Skating Club is to be congratulated for turning what is a major competition in club skaters’ calendar into a fully IJS-scored event, producing scores that will actually have meaning for today’s competitive skaters.

Results, adult opens:

Results, solo dance:

Results, open singles:

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