ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2013, Boston: live broadcast


Live coverage of the 2013 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in Boston on 5 and 6 April  should be available via the ISU Skating Channel. Coverage of the short will, of course, be at an unholy time for UK viewers: the short starts at 7pm local time on 5 April and the free at 3.15pm on 6 April. Boston is 5 hours behind London, so that should be midnight and 8.15pm in the UK.

Mexico is first to skate, at 7pm (midnight in the UK), and Finland 1 is last to skate, at 10.22pm (03.22am in the UK). The complete time schedule is at

Results and skating orders are at

The broadcast is territory restricted and is not available in the USA, Canada, France, Japan, Sweden and Finland, all of which presumably have secured broadcasting rights. So iowskaters assumes it will be viewable in the UK.

In the US and US territories, it is possible to watch via subscription to Sports provides delayed airing of the event on 11 to 13 April (TV schedule:

In Canada, coverage is not until Saturday 13 April at 9pm BST on CBC Television (see schedule).

Finnish coverage is live on the internet on YLE Areena and later on YLE TV2, according to the Finnish skating association ( The short is from 02.20 to 07.15 local time on Saturday 6 April on YLE Areena at, with edited highlights from 14.30 to 15.50 on TV2, and the free programme is from 22.40 on Saturday to 04.30 on Areena at, with highlights on Sunday 7 April from 12.05 to 13.00 on TV2. Access to the live broadcasts is probably possible using the YLE Areena app. Sweden has access via the Swedish side of YLE Areena (see links below). Broadcasts may be unavailable outside Finland and Sweden.

iowskaters has so far been unable to find details of broadcasts or web streaming in France or Japan.

Official site:


Twitter: #Synchro2013

Web broadcasts, USA ( subscription):

Web broadcasts, ISU channel:

Web broadcasts, Finland: (short) (free)

Web broadcasts, Sweden: (short) (free)



  1. They in theory work for me as they go to the right site. But you need Flash 10.1 and to be in Sweden. All I can get here in the UK is the correct program page

  2. The links were actually provided by someone in Sweden. It’s the Swedish side of Finnish site YLE Areena. I can only test they go to the live broadcast page – until I am next in Sweden for a synchro competition 🙂 – because they are territory restricted

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