A history of Wight synchro: NTC 2004

With the end of an era approaching in Isle of Wight synchronized skating, iowskaters has been trawling through the video vaults to look at how far the discipline has progressed. The clip presented here is the first competitive excursion for an IW synchro team.

The first Isle of Wight synchro team, Wight Diamonds, was formed in 2004, and less than three months later was competing at the National Team Challenge (NTC) at Lee Valley London: the date of its competitive debut was 27 June. The Diamonds skated to Light my Fire by Will Young, and earned fourth place – out of four. But with 10 clubs at the 2004 NTC, fourth scored lots of points in the overall competition.

The club was at that time very small: the whole Isle of Wight team for the NTC was just 22 skaters rather than the full complement of 30, pretty much all of its competitive talent. Many of the skaters taking part in the syncho and show numbers were beginner level. The NTC team comprised Emily Adams, Katie Archer, Libby Ballard, Archie Bicknell, Daisy Bicknell, Rachel Blake, Georgina Bourne, Isabelle Coeshott, Sabrina Danzig, Sian Edkins, Kate England, Emily Garrison, Emma Griffiths, Matthew Kershaw, Gemma Marsh, Alice Murray, Sue Orme, Steve Taverner, Carol Taverner, Joanna Tung, Emma Wilks and Nicola Woodford.

Of that whole NTC team, the Diamonds included Isabelle Coeshott, Sabrina Danzig, and Gemma Marsh – the three remaining Diamonds in the 2012/13 Wight Jewels squad. See if you can spot them all as they leave the ice at the end. Izzy and Gemma both retire this season, leaving Sabrina as the only remaining original Diamond in the Jewels – the three of Diamonds have become the ace.

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