French Cup 2013: junior short

Sickness meant that Wight Jewels had to use one of their alternates for the short programme in the juniors competition at the French Cup, with Kayleigh Pedley taking over from a decidedly poorly Gemma Sanders.

Although the team looked easily up to their form at last week’s Leon Lurje Trophy, they turned in a score of 24.96 after one deduction for a fall – noticeably less than in Gothenburg.

The Jewels are in 13th place, ahead of Skating Graces of Germany on 22.88 and just behind Cool Dreams of Switzerland on 26.34. It’s an achievement at Rouen not to be a British team in last place at junior level, which has been the state of play for the past two years, but far from the goal that the team hoped to achieve.

The team is fourth to skate in the free programme tomorrow, with the competition due to restart at 14.40 CET.


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