French Cup 2013, Rouen

IW synchro teams Wight Crystals and Wight Jewels have arrived safely in Rouen for the French Cup. The overnight ferry connection to Caen work perfectly, and the Jewels were on the ice at 11.15am for half an hour of practice – the most that could be allotted to them.

It’s fair to say that both Crystals and Jewels are in a ragged state, with many of the team hit by high temperatures on Tuesday and still battling to overcome illness in time for the competition. Although most are improving, the final line-up that skates will be decided at the last minute.

Wight Crystals have drawn third to skate in the basic novice event and have to get to the rink for 6.30am on Friday.

The Jewels have drawn 12th in the juniors and have precious extra hours to put out if not a fit, then a not entirely dead squad. It’s a shame that with so much promise shown in Gothenburg last weekend that the team have been laid so low in such a short time. If they can keep their scores up in the 14-strong junior group it will be an achievement.

The Crystals, skating at basic novice rather than advanced because of concerns about available team numbers, face Nottingham’s juvenile team, Silhouettes, in a group of just three. Medals are assured and perhaps too the sound of the UK’s national anthem. It’s that or Belgium’s.

Nottingham’s advanced novice team, Shadows, compete in a tough group of seven that includes three Finnish teams. It’s a tough ask to prevent the Finnish national anthem featuring at advanced novice, junior and senior levels.

All UK teams took part in the parade of teams through Rouen, which was followed by the draw at the town hall.


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