Leon Lurje Trophy 2013: junior free

In truth today was as much about coming to see Swedish seniors Team Surprise rock the world as it was about the junior free event. In the senior short yesterday Surprise continued to innovate with breathtaking simultaneous forwards and backwards spirals. The inventive genius of coach Andrea Dohany will no doubt continue to inspire others to aim yet higher.

In the junior free, Wight Jewels were first to skate, with the simple aim of holding onto fifth place overall. With only one fall, a score of 59.67 was only 0.2 off their total at the British, showing it has more than withstood the transition to tougher ISU events abroad. The move to European events usually sees a drop in scores achieved at the British, so a free programme that holds its value is an improvement.

With a total of 88.91, the Jewels held onto fifth place ahead of Sweden’s Teams Rhapsody and Moonlights. Whether the elimination of falls and errors will see an improvement will be seen in Rouen next week. The Leon Lurje is very much the Jewels’ warm-up event for the big clash in France.

There is certainly potential to score more. Jewels’ line, called at level 4 at the British, dropped to level 2 in Sweden, with grade of execution marks suffering because of the fall.

More positives from the event include comments from officials and coaches about how much improvement the Jewels have made since the JWCC last year.

Team Surprise went on to finish second to Marigold Ice Unity in the seniors. You can’t always have everything.

Results: http://skatesweden.wehost.se

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