Icicles join Jewels on performance squad

The National Ice Skating Association today announced that Nottingham’s junior synchronized skating team, Icicles, has scored high enough to qualify for performance squad status. They therefore join Wight Jewels as the only British synchronized skating teams to hold this status.

Achieving performance squad status is a real recognition of the work that Icicles have put into synchro over the past few seasons, as both Icicles and the Jewels have vied to improve the quality of synchronized skating at junior level.

iowskaters.com rarely congratulates even IW skaters and teams for their achievements, believing that role is for the official IW club site (www.iwidfsc.co.uk), but would on this occasion like to applaud Icicles’ achievement and simply say, well done.

On a technical side, it means NISA’s selection criteria for the junior world championships, which favour performance teams over regional development pathway teams, can at last be fairly applied to both Icicles and Jewels.

NISA link: www.iceskating.org.uk/node/5825

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