The Jungle Book: IW Christmas Show update

Saturday afternoon’s performance of The Jungle Book on Ice at Planet Ice Ryde was a sell-out, and with virtually all the tickets also gone for Sunday afternoon’s performance, the only remaining opportunity to see this fabulous show if you don’t have tickets is on Sunday 9 December at 6pm.

This year the show particularly seems to benefit from IW skaters’ background in synchronized skating, with the ensemble skating looking particularly polished, with quickly executed intersections and good flow between formations. There are more fantastic carnival animal costumes from Emma Baxter, who worked so hard last year to bring The Lion King to life.

Young Miles Grist, aged 12, takes on the demanding role of Mowgli, menaced and pursued by a suitably sinister Gemma Marsh as Shere Khan (don’t forget to boo…). But Shere Khan must reckon with Mowgli’s friends, including Sabrina Danzig as Baghera, Beckie Vockins as Baloo, and the vultures Buzzie, Flaps, Ziggy and Dizzy, played by Izzy Coeshott, Keelin Scholes, Beth Howarth, and Nicola Baxter.

There’s a chance to see how some of the IW’s best solo skaters in action too, with special exhibitions from junior level skater Maggie Read and novice level skater Nikita Heathfield.

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