British Championships 2012: synchro, junior free

Nottingham Icicles achieved the title they have been chasing for four years by taking the junior crown with a total score of 103.92, and 70.94 in the free itself.

Despite holding a lead after the short of 1.66, Wight Jewels scored 59.87 in the free for a total of 94.51 and second place. Two falls would have hurt their score but not enough to close the gap. All things have to end, and a fifth consecutive title was probably too much to ask ā€“ after all, even a football team like Manchester United doesn’t win every time.

Dumfries team Solway Stars turned in 44.91 for a total of 65.78 and third place.

Congratulations must go to Nottingham. The team has improved year on year and provided a real incentive for the IW team to continue to stretch itself.

Both Icicles and Jewels have improved greatly since last season. The Jewels had higher level elements called, including a breathtaking level four line; the Icicles’ skating skills, however, were higher on lower level elements and ultimately that combination won them the title. It’s always a tough call whether to go for harder elements, or do lower level elements better ā€“ the Jewels chose the latter course at the last junior worlds to good effect.


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