Wight Jewels perform Jai Ho one last time

Wight Jewels travelled to Basingstoke on 6 July to perform at Pursuit of Passion, the benefit gala for the Simon Waller Fund. The IW’s junior synchronized skating team skated to Jai Ho by the Pussycat Dolls, the music for their short programme over the past two years, for the very last time.

The gala was well attended, but unfortunately the team had to leave after the first half in order to get back to the Isle of Wight to get enough sleep before the morning’s practice session for the next season’s programmes. For a few team members it will be a particularly busy weekend, as some are performing in the Isle of Wight’s show number at the National Team Challenge in Bracknell on Sunday.

According to the organizers, the gala contributed an amazing £3,901 to the Simon Waller Fund, bringing the total raised through a series of events to £10,500 in just nine weeks. The money has been spent as follows: airline ticket for Simon, £2,765; first medical bill, £4,260; medical bill to Mayo Clinic Arizona – the contribution from the fund this week, £3,100.

If you enjoyed the videos of the Jewels’ performance at the gala, please make a donation by following the link below. As the costs of medical treatment in the US show, every contribution will help. The video below is the official video from the show.

Link: http://sk8basingstoke.co.uk/simonwaller/

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