Basingstoke Opens 2012, results

Basingstoke Open Competitions took place this week from 18 to 20 June at Planet Ice Arena, Basingstoke.

Skaters from the Isle of Wight achieved the following results:

Beginner Ladies, age 9: 1st Toni Delap, 3rd Lauren Wood
Beginner Ladies, age 10: 7th Ayesha Taylor
Beginner Ladies, age 11: 8th Saphire Recalde-Arnold
Beginner Ladies, age 12:
 7th Ella Newnham, 11th Hayley Purrington
Beginner Ladies, age 13: 1st Robyn Johnson, 5th Serena Copping, 8th Sarah Baldwin
Beginner Ladies, age 14+: 2nd Sophie-Rose Broadley-Darby; 5th Emily-Jayne Calvo, 8th Hannah Brookes
Beginner Men: 4th Michael Pedley, 7th Will Riley, 11th Jordan Pointer
Level 1 Ladies, age 10:_9th Olivia Lacey

Level 2 Ladies, age 15+: 6th Nicola Baxter, 7th Beckie Vockins
Level 2 Men: 2nd Miles Grist
Level 4 Ladies: 3rd Charlotte Chapman
Level 8 ladies: 5th Nikita Heathfield

Solo Exhibition, any age, any standard: 12th Charlotte Chapman, 14th Beckie Vockins

Gosport skater and member of the IW synchro teams Amy World was 1st in the Level 3 Ladies, age 11 and under, 4th in the Exhibition class for level 4 and under age 11 and under, and 1st in the 2s to 4s Exhibition class with Caine Jerone.

All results are now corrected and confirmed, having been compared with the official results. The class titles now link to the appropriate official results.

Basingstoke Opens traditionally attract large group sizes. Charlotte Chapman’s third place at level 4, for example, was attained in a group of 17 skaters, as was Sophie-Rose Broadley-Darby’s 2nd place in the beginners age 14 and over. While a podium place in any competition is an achievement, obtaining one in a large field of skaters is particularly notable.

Basingstoke Club website:

Official results:

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