JWCC 2012 results analysis

The Junior World Challenge Cup provides an opportunity to see how much the change in required elements affects team scores for the season, because it provides a big enough consistent sample of teams scrutinized at the highest level. All teams are probably aware their scores for the 2011/12 season are lower than for the 2010/11 season. So how big was the change?

Team 2011 2012 Percentage
Fintastic (FIN) 176.61 171.67 97.2%
Musketeers (FIN) 175.77 168.76 96.0%
Team Braemar (USA) 172.48 145.08 84.1%
Nexxice (CAN) 163.02 139.70 85.8%
Skyliners (USA) 162.96 139.97 85.9%
Team Convivium (SWE) 160.42 135.45 84.4%
Gold Ice (CAN) 150.26
Les Supremes (CAN) 146.30
Spartak Junost (RUS) 150.23 134.03 89.2%
Team Spirit (SWE) 132.14 115.45 87.4%
Team Berlin Juniors (GER) 128.16 117.07 91.3%
Idel (RUS) 120.13 100.83 83.9%
Cool Dreams Junior (SWI) 119.80 99.84 83.3%
Hot Shivers (ITA) 116.69 92.56 79.3%
Black Diam’s (FRA) 98.94 87.29 88.2%
Frost Work Juniors (HUN) 86.24 66.76 77.4%
Gloria (BLR) 83.43
Wight Jewels (GBR) 75.64 71.92 95.1%
Zagreb Snowflakes (CRO) 75.40
Iceskateers Elite (AUS) 68.74
Majestic Ice (AUS) 60.64
Duke Town Twinkle Stars (NED) 42.94
Average 87.2%

All teams from both events have been included for future reference. Percentage is the 2012 score as a percentage of the 2011 score,. i.e. for the Wight Jewels 71.92 (2012) is 95.1% of 75.64 (2011).

The changes barely affected the results for both Finnish teams, pretty much showing that the natural laws do not apply to them. The ISU can probably change the required elements as much as they like, and the fantastic Finns on current form will score close to maximum, probably even if blindfolded.

Most of the teams dropped to an average of 85% of their previous score (that’s the average if you exclude the three least affected teams). It means single point deductions for falls and penalties will have had a greater effect, which perhaps Team Braemar will have noticed most with five deductions in the long certainly costing them third place in 2012 – they could easily have got away with that many deductions in 2011.

The percentages show real improvement for Team Berlin Juniors of Germany, who climbed a place, and Wight Jewels of Great Britain, who climbed two places. They and the Finns coped best with the changes to required elements, which is good news for synchronized skating in the respective countries.

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