JWCC 2012 result is a great British achievement

Wight Jewels’ placing of 15th at the Junior World Challenge Cup 2012 in Gothenburg on 15 to 17 March is the best British performance at the event in more than 10 years.

The only team to do better was Bracknell’s Ice Metrics at the first World Challenge Cup for Juniors in Neuchatel in 2001, with a placing of 11th out of 14 teams. By the time of the second event in Zagreb 2002, however, the top five nations were allowed two teams, and since then British synchronized skating teams have managed 16th place at best.

This year’s Junior World Challenge Cup was the last, organized efficiently in very little time by the Swedish Figure Skating Association when the ISU decided not to hold the first official Junior World Synchronized Skating Championships in 2012. Instead, we can look forward to that event happening in Helsinki, Finland, provisionally on 8 to 9 March 2013.

The Wight Jewels team for the JWCC 2012 was: Kirsty Atter, Hannah Barfoot, Nicola Baxter, Emily-Jayne Calvo, Charlotte Chapman, Izzy Coeshott (co-captain), Tia Daley, Sabrina Danzig, Mikki Graham, Nikita Heathfield, Beth Howarth, Heather Macdonald, Alicia Macintyre, Gemma Marsh (co-captain), Izzi Parkes, Keelin Scholes, Jemma Southwell, Zoe Southwell, Beckie Vockins, and Louisa Wrighton


Hot Shivers website: http://www.hotshivers.it
History gives dates and locations of JWCC

2001: GBR Ice Metrics 11th of 14 teams

2002: GBR Ice Metrics 17th of 21 teams

2003: GBR Ice Illusions 16th of 19 teams

2004: GBR Ice Illusions 16th of 20 teams

2005: No GBR entry, 17 entrants

2006: GBR Icicles 17th of 19 teams

2007: GBR Aura 16th of 17 teams

2008: No GBR entry, 18 entrants

2009: GBR Icicles 18th of 20 teams

2010: GBR Wight Jewels 19th of 20 teams

2011: GBR Wight Jewels 17th of 19 teams

2012: GBR Wight Jewels 15th of 18 teams

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