JWCC 2012 diary, day 3: official practice, short

With a start number of one, Wight Jewels were off early this morning for their warm-up before the official practice session for the short programme at 9am at the Frölundaborg arena. As in Milan, the team is hoofing it to the arena each day, although the walk through Slottsskogsparken is far more pleasant than the trek in Italy.

It’s a relief at long last this season to have a full squad of 20 fit skaters: 16 plus four reserves. Injury has seen team members either out completely with a broken foot, or competing strapped up with broken fingers. The fact that the sport is dangerous and demanding is highlighted by the fact that two members of the Finnish squads – the teams at the top of the sport – are at the JWCC on crutches. Another injury before Milan last month could well have put the Jewels out of contention for the JWCC.

Partly loosened up by the walk, the Jewels then went through their warm-up routine before stepping onto the ice for the two official run-throughs of their short programme, performed to Jai Ho by the Pussycat Dolls. There’s just about enough time to also work on one element between run-thoughs. The second practice run-though is available in the video file above. It may be difficult to video the actual short programme at 6pm CET (5pm GMT) tonight, so check out the live streaming at http://studio.jwcc2012.se/

The Jewels stayed on to watch Hot Shivers of Italy, Idel of Russia and Majestic Ice of Australia – the other teams in the first warm-up group, before heading back to the hostel for some rest and lunch. They’ll be back at the main arena by about 4.30pm.

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