Southern IJS 2012 – results

Official results for the Southern IJS competitions at Lee Valley ice centre this week (12 to 14 March) are available at:

IW skaters Nikita Heathfield and Maggie Read were taking part on the Monday and Tuesday of the competitions, skating at novice and junior level respectively.

According to IW head coach Terri Smith, on Monday in her short programme Nikita scored 19.26 in the advanced novice ladies event, achieving 10th place and a personal best. Maggie also scored a personal best of 21.50 in her short, attaining 14th place in the junior ladies event.

Skating her free programme today in the advanced novice ladies, Nikita scored 26.08, putting her in 14th place. Nikita unfortunately suffered an equipment failure at the end of her routine, leading to a spectacular fall on a jump after her blade broke. Maggie scored 34.44 for her free programme in the junior ladies, earning her 15th place.

Southern IJS website: (this site appears to be badly broken, but it does have a working link to the official results). Update: this link is now dead.

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