Wight Jewels on the road to Gothenburg

IW junior synchronized skating team the Wight Jewels’ preparations for the Junior World Challenge Cup in Gothenburg started last weekend at Lee Valley ice centre, east London, with a two-hour practice session.

Lee Valley synchronized skating team Aura very kindly allowed the Jewels to take over their Sunday afternoon training slot so the Jewels could get some practice on large ice before flying out to Sweden on Wednesday. As the training session is Aura’s only slot each week, the sacrifice was particularly appreciated; also having a daytime slot, rather than a midnight one, should make a big difference to the Jewels’ tiredness levels this week. Team Aura are the British champions at senior level, so it was good to see the two top British teams co-operating in such a way.

IW skaters Nikita Heathfield and Maggie Read stayed on in London for the Southern IJS competition, which takes place from today until Wednesday at Lee Valley rink. This event is not to be confused with the Lee Valley IJS itself, which takes place in April. Nikita skates at novice level; Maggie skates at junior level. Both skaters will have the opportunity to perform their short and long programmes.

The Junior World Challenge Cup takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 15 to 17 March: iowskaters will be reporting from the event, internet connections permitting.

Junior World Challenge Cup: www.jwcc2012.se

Southern IJS: www.iceskating.org.uk/node/5005


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