Wight Jewels spotlighted in County Press

The Isle of Wight County Press for 9 March carries an article about the Wight Jewels’ imminent departure to Gothenburg, Sweden, for the 2012 Junior World Challenge Cup.

The Jewels head out on Wednesday 14 March for the competition, which takes place from 15 to 17 March. It’s the third time the Jewels will have taken part in what is the world championships at this level. It’s also the fourth time they have been eligible, but the first time they could have competed they stood aside for the Nottingham team on the grounds that the Jewels wanted more experience first. The Jewels will be aiming to improve on their 17th place achieved last year, which will be a tough challenge.

This year, the team, which is sponsored by ferry company Wightlink, has also benefited from sponsorship by Vikoma, The Tomato Stall, Carlisle Group, the IW branch of the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club and Shanklin Conservative Club.

IWCP: www.iwcp.co.uk (permanent PDF archive of article: iwcp_09_03_2012)

Junior World Challenge Cup: www.jwcc2012.se

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