Junior World Figure Skating Championships 2012, Minsk

Live coverage of the Junior World Figure Skating Championships in Minsk this week has pretty much been limited to Eurosport France, which on Saturday has highlights of the Men’s free at 22.00 CET and Ladies’ free at 23:00 CET (or 21.00 and 22:00 GMT). There is live coverage of the free dance today from 17.00 CET  (16:00 GMT) until 20:00 CET.

iSKATE magazine reports the Eurosport France channel is available through streaming. Check out iSKATE on Facebook at www.facebook.com/iskatemagazinepage.

Selected routines are coming through on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/tamriko666 and their availability reported on Facebook by Sports on Ice Spain.

Be aware that access to streaming services may require add-ons to browsers that may be heavy on adverts or contain malicious code.

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