NISA test results at Ryde, 13 February 2012

The following skaters passed NISA tests at Ryde on 13 February 2012:

Field Moves
Level 1: Ayesha Taylor, Lauren Wood
Level 2: Charlotte Pedley
Level 3: Sophie-Rose Broadley-Darby, Lotte Cordon, Miles Grist, Robyn Johnson, Ella Newnham
Level 7: Bethany Howarth, Keelin Scholes, Jemma Southwell
Level 8: Izzi Parkes
Level 9: Sabrina Danzig, Nikita Heathfield

Level 1: Hannah Barfoot, Caitlin Fyffe
Level 2: Miles Grist

Level 1: Hannah Barfoot
Level 2: Miles Grist

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