Spring Cup 2012 diary: junior short programme

Wight Jewels after their short programme to the Pussycat Dolls' Jai Ho. Official Spring Cup photo.

There were plenty of unexpected events and humour too in the short programme at junior level.

IW synchronized skating team had put on a few pounds at the start of the competition, being briefly credited as the “Weight Jewels”, until the error was corrected during the resurface.

Moments after the Jewels themselves had skated, the main arena lights went out – an event that heralded a catastrophe for the last team to skate, Dandelion of Italy, when the lights failed again in the middle of their programme. To audience applause Dandelion finished their programme in the gloom – they were, however, able to restart the second half of the programme again when the lights were restored.

Wight Jewels go into the long tomorrow in 8th place, with a total score of 22.06, ahead of Starlets of Czechoslovakia on 21.84, Dandelion of Italy on 19.79 and Shining Blades of Italy on 17.59. The score is slightly higher than the one achieved at November’s British Championships.

In the draw for skate order in the long programme, for the first time ever Wight Jewels were in the middle group, giving them a later start number than usual. They will skate 7th on Sunday, with the warm-up session for official practice beginning at 7.35am.

Full skate orders and results are at http://application.fisg.it/results/2557/index.html

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