European Figure Skating Championships 2012 UK TV coverage

The BBC’s live red button coverage of the 2012 European Figure Skating Championships in Sheffield begins on Thursday. There is also limited coverage on Eurosport UK. The intended schedule is:

Thursday 26 January
BBC Red Button 18:30-21:30 European Figure Skating: Pairs Free Skating (Eurosport UK has one hour of highlights at 21:00, repeated Friday at 22.15)

Friday 27 January
BBC Red Button 18:00-21:20 European Figure Skating: Ice Dance Free (Eurosport UK has 75 minutes of highlights at 21:00)

Saturday 28 January
BBC Red Button 11:55-16:00 European Figure Skating: Men Free Skating (Eurosport UK has live coverage from 14:45)
BBC Red Button 17:30-21:25 European Figure Skating: Ladies Free Skating (Eurosport UK has 75 minutes of coverage from 21:00)

Sunday 29 January
BBC2 13:00-14:30 European Skating Championships highlights (moved to 1pm on Monday 30 January on BBC 2)
Eurosport UK has live coverage of the gala from 14:45 (the BBC has nothing).

Eurosport UK has further broadcasts of parts of the championships during the week beginning 30 January. There is a short version of the gala at 3.30pm on Tuesday 31 January.

BBC coverage details according to NISA. Times may be subject to change. Red button coverage on Freeview/terrestrial TV may be limited as other sporting events may be broadcast.

Outside the UK, the event can be watched on the ISU’s online skating pay-to-view channel:

NISA link:

BBC Red Button:


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