Threat to Planet Ice rinks

IW Radio and BBC South Today both picked up on a story run in The Sun about the threat to eight ice rinks run by Planet Ice as a result of winding up orders issued by HM Revenue and Customs.

Rinks potentially affected include the Island’s rink at Ryde, plus Basingstoke, Cardiff, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Gosport, Peterborough and Hemel Hempstead.

Coventry Skydome, another rink operated by Arena Group, is also the subject of a winding up order from HMRC, see:

According to The Sun, the Arena Group, which owns Planet Ice, has stated: “The board disputes the assessment and action taken by HMRC and the likelihood is that this will be resolved within the next few days.”

However, if action by HMRC succeeds in shutting the rinks, the southern half of the UK stands to lose most of its ice skating facilities. Unite Group, the owner of Bristol ice rink, recently announced plans to redevelop the rink as student accommodation.


The Sun: (PDF archive of report: sun_18_01_2012)

BBC News: Bristol ice rink to be turned into student flats

Bristol rink action group:

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