IW synchro teams prepare for Milan

IW synchronized skating teams the Wight Jewels and Wight Crystals will be heading off to Milan, Italy, in February for the 2012 Spring Cup.

The event sees the teams in action on the continent for the first time in the 2011-12 season. The Jewels will compete at junior level; the Crystals at advanced novice level. British senior champions Aura, from Lee Valley, will also skate at the event, so there should be a good crowd of UK supporters. Competition will be tough, with teams from Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA also taking part.

The Spring Cup takes place on 17 to 19 February at the Palasesto Arena, Milan (Sesto San Giovanni), with the skating  beginning on Saturday 18 February.

The downside of attending the Spring Cup is that this year the IW teams won’t be at the French Cup in Rouen on 2 to 4 February. Nottingham’s Shadows (advanced novice) and Icicles (junior) will be competing there.

Official website: http://www.springcup.it

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