French Masters 2011, Lyon

The 2011 French Masters synchronized skating competition takes place this weekend, 5 and 6 November, in Lyon.

Unlike last year, no IW synchronized skating teams are taking part, as they are focusing on the British championships in just over two weeks’ time.

Nottingham Icicles, however, are among the teams taking part at junior level in a group with Dandelion of Milan, and two French teams: Black Diams and Zimbawas.

At novice level Nottingham Shadows take on Ladybirds of Milan, and three French teams: Magic Cristals, Zouaves and Flammes. Marks compared with those achieved at the Welsh championships in October will help provide an indication of how the British teams will do in their own championships.

The competition is being streamed live at and the schedule for the event is at Training schedules are viewable during the day, and the opening ceremony and first competitions start at 7.45pm CET (6.45pm GMT) on Saturday 5 November.

Official website:

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