IW skaters in the news

The Isle of Wight County Press covered the achievements of both Nikita Heathfield and the Wight Jewels in its edition of Friday 24 June 2011.

Unfortunately, the opening paragraph is not accurate. The youngest IW skater to achieve level 8 was Sophie Norsworthy in 2003 aged just 8; fellow IW skater Sophie Kent also achieved level 8 in that year.

Nikita’s notable achievement in reaching level 8 is that she fulfils the requirements for joining NISA’s regional development programme, for which a skater had to be level 8 and  no older than 12 years by 1 July 2011, as reported here on iowskaters.co.uk (8 June 2011).

The IWCP printed a correction in the sports section of its edition of 1 July 2011.

Historical snapshot: http://www.mirror.co.uk/ (touching how even in 2005, journalists thought the 2012 Olympics would encompass winter sports)

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