IW medals at Basingstoke opens

Day one of the Basingstoke Opens on 21 to 23 June saw IW skater Nicola Baxter take gold in the beginners ladies aged 14 and over. Miles Grist took second place in the beginners men.

Just outside the medals in fourth place were Hannah Barfoot  in the beginners ladies aged 14 and over and Mitchell Brown in the level 1 men.

On day two, Keelin Scholes added another gold for the IW in the level 1 ladies aged 14 and over.

Archie Bicknell raked in three medals on day three, winning gold in the solo exhibition (any standard), silver in the level 8 men, and silver again with Maggie Read in the 2s, 3s and 4s exhibition class. Maggie also won silver in the solo exhibition (any standard).

Official results: http://basingstokeisc.sports.officelive.com/2011Opens.aspx

Official results (PDF): Basingstoke Open Competition 2011

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