IW skaters at Basingstoke opens

Basingstoke open competitions take place on 21 to 23 June, and the following IW skaters are among those due to take part:

Beginners, aged 9: Olivia Lacey
Beginners, aged 12: Sarah Baldwin
Beginners, aged 14+: Hannah Barfoot, Nicola Baxter, Hannah Brookes
Beginners men: Miles Grist

Level 1, aged 10 and 11: Roxy Collins
Level 1, aged 12 and 13: Kirsty Atter, Kayleigh Pedley
Level 1, aged 14+: Keelin Scholes, Beckie Vockins
Level 1 men: Mitchell Brown

Level 2, 11 and under:  Felicity Gingras
Level 3: Charlotte Chapman
Level 8: Nikita Heathfield
Level 8 men: Archie Bicknell
Level 9: Maggie Read

Solo Exhibition, level 4 and under: Roxy Collins
Solo Exhibition, any standard: Archie Bicknell, Charlotte Chapman, Nikita Heathfield, Maggie Read
2s,3s and 4s Exhibition: Archie Bicknell and Maggie Read; Roxy Collins and Kayleigh Pedley; Keelin Scholes, Beth Howarth and Nicola Baxter

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