NISA test results at Ryde, 6 June 2011

The following IW skaters passed NISA tests at Planet Ice Ryde on 6 June:

Field moves

Level 1: Holly Donohue, Jordan Pointer, Laura Treherne
Level 2: Sophie-Rose Broadley-Darby
Level 3: Felicity Gingras
Level 8: Nikita Heathfield


Level 1: Keelin Scholes
Level 8: Nikita Heathfield


Level 1: Keelin Scholes
Level 8: Nikita Heathfield

Nikita Heathfield’s achievements are particularly significant. According to Ryde head coach Terri Smith, achieving level 8 in all her tests means that Nikita can skate at novice level in IJS events for at least three seasons, as she is currently aged just 12. Achieving level eight at this age before the cut-off date of 1 July 2011 means that Nikita also fulfils the requirements for joining NISA’s regional development programme this season, the only IW solo skater who currently meets the criteria.

Nikita also recently started to train with the Wight Jewels synchronized skating team.

NISA recently released an update concerning criteria for the regional development pathway team at

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