Wight Jewels selected for Great Britain performance team 2011-12

NISA has announced the members of the Great Britain Performance Team for 2011-12. IW junior-level synchronized skating team the Wight Jewels have the honour of being the only synchronized skaters selected.

Former IW skater Charlotte Aiken and her partner Josh Whidborne are also named as part of the performance team at senior level, representing a tremendous move up for the current British junior ice dance champions. Charlotte and Josh take their place in the performance team alongside ice dancers Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland, and Louise Walden and Owen Edwards.

Charlotte and Josh relocated to Madrid in Spain in January 2011 to train with John Dunn.

NISA announcement: http://www.iceskating.org.uk/node/4781

Charlotte and Josh’s official website: http://aiken-whidborne.ice-dance.com/

Charlotte & Josh’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Charlotte-Aiken-and-Josh-Whidborne/183106808387529

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