IW skaters at Bracknell Opens 2011

IW skaters competed in the Bracknell Opens this week, with a number in action on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 April.

Miles Grist was second in the beginners men event (Berkshire Cup). Mitchell Brown was second in the level 1 men (Trio Trophy).

In the beginner ladies aged 14 and over (Joy of Skating Trophy), Keelin Scholes was second, Nicola Baxter third, Hannah Barfoot sixth and Hannah Brookes seventh.

Roxy Collins was 7th in the level 1 ladies aged 10 and under (Lomas Trophy), and achieved second place in the artistic event for level 1 and under (Cheshire Cat Cup).

Nikita Heathfield was third in the level 7 ladies (Beverley Dempsey Trophy), doing well to finish on the podium having only recently moved up from level 5. Maggie Read was fifth in the level nine ladies (Hampshire Cup).

Results are available on the Bracknell club website.

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