French Cup diary, day 2

The girls managed to fit in a quick nap after their practice this morning. They seem happy with their draw place because at least it will allow them to watch most of the other teams after they have skated and see some of the best synchronized skaters in the world. The Jewels are now at the rink waiting to get into the changing room and touching up their make-up ready for the short programme.

The Olympic ice rink in the Guy Boissière sports cente, Rouen, is packed. The French certainly seem to know how to encourage spectators to turn up for a skating event.

Not only is it the Wight Jewels’ first time at the French Cup, it’s also a big moment for their reserves. With illness dogging some skaters, and the departure two weeks ago of a long-standing member of the team, the reserves will have their moment on ice. Keelin Scholes will be taking part in the short programme today, when the Jewels skate to the Pussycat Dolls’ Jai Ho; Beckie Vockins skates tomorrow in the long for the Michael Jackson medley.

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