French Cup diary, day 2: the short programme

One thing the Wight Jewels learned at the world championships, is that anything can happen in skating. There, in Gothenburg, Swedish Team Convivium, suffered three falls in the long, leaving one of their skaters inconsolable and denying any chance of a top slot.

Three falls it was again in Rouen, but this time among the Jewels: two serious enough to warrant medical attention afterwards. The point deduction for each fall hurts marks, and reduces the scores for required elements, and unfortunately leaves the Jewels in 10th place, making it an uphill haul to try to close the gap on the next higher team, Black Diam’s of France.

Practice, however, had been good, and the Jewels started off well. Falls are just one of those things.

Encouraging words from Chris Buchanan of NISA, however, who tells them to go out and skate their best tomorrow.

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