French Cup diary: the draw

Wight Jewels in Rouen. Pic via Izzy Coeshott

Wight Jewels drew third in the short programme of the French Cup, earning them a practice session at 8.46 to 8.56 am and an expected performance time in the competition of 4.14 to 4.21 pm.

The parade around the town was fun, with all the teams parading behind their national flag. Lots of cheering and a fantastic band playing. They finished up in front of the town hall and all danced their flash mob.

Terri, Gemma, Izzy, and Steph went on to the town hall for the official draw which was apparently a very posh do. It was then about a 20 minute walk to dinner. Everyone is now back at the hotel and ready for bed. Breakfast at 6.45am – a lie in!

One comment

  1. Hey, I remember some of your faces from the seminar in Budapest. Good Luck at the French Cup!! My novice team – Team Silhouette – is there too. Hope you all have great skates!

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