British Championships 2010-2011 synchro results

Wight Jewels: British junior champions 2010-2011

Synchronized skating team Wight Jewels scored a staggering total of 91.52 in the championship event for the junior title, retaining their title crown in the process. Nottingham’s Icicles finished in second place with a total of 76.88.

The Jewels had the potential to score even more, as the total included 4 points of deductions for falls and holds. The result is even better than their previous score at the championships (90.79), even though this year’s programmes contain fewer elements, making it harder to score higher.

Wight Jewels have now won the junior British title three times in a row. Some squad members are four time British champions by virtue of being in the original Wight Diamonds team, who were novice champions before the Jewels were formed.

Juvenile team the Wight Crystals scored 33.51 to take the British title for their category, again achieving a personal best – they scored 25.95 at the previous British championships. The Wight Gems were 5th in the preliminary event with a total of 23.43, again scoring higher than last time (22.96).

For some time the official results for the British Ice Figure Skating Championships at for some reason showed the results for the junior event at the Welsh championships in October, paired with the results sheets for today’s event at the British. This has now been amended, and the scores of 91.52 for the Jewels and 76.88 for the Icicles confirmed for the junior event. The Jewels scored 28.31 in the short, and 63.21 in the long after deductions.

Well done to all our teams.

IWCP coverage of the same story: jewels_iwcp_03_12_2010
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