Medal positions at the Kent opens

IW skaters took part in the Kent opens at Gillingham on 8 and 9 November 2010, securing a number of podium places. The opens attracted 191 entries from 31 skating clubs across the UK, with many of the competitions well contested.

Beckie Vockins was second in the free skating event for beginner ladies aged 13 and over, and Nikita Heathfield won a silver medal in the level 5 ladies.

In the artistic competitions, Roxanne Collins won the level 1 and under category, with Felicity Gingras taking bronze. Tia Daley was third in the event for level 2 and 3 skaters.

Nikita Heathfield made it two golds for the IW by coming first at level 4 and over, taking the Rosina Memorial Trophy. This trophy has previously been won by two other members of our club in 2008 and 2009. Nikita was very happy to return to the island with her first ever national trophy.

All IW skaters that competed in the artistic events won podium places, showing their personalities on the ice and artistic style of skating.

Head coach Terri Smith said: “We are all extremely happy with our skaters performances in Gillingham, all our skaters are at a major disadvantage competing against others who train on full-size ice pads compared to our small pad. Our skaters always pull out the stops, especially in the artistic competitions.”

Full results are at:

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