Club artistic competition 2010 – results

This year’s club artistic competition on Halloween was a great success, with club members making a fantastic effort to show their very best in entertainment skating.

Five extremely brave skaters undertook the challenge of a Musical Interpretation class. On the night, they were all allowed to listen to a chosen piece of music, then had to go out their on their own and choreograph and perform to it. The judges very aptly chose the music from Ghostbusters and all five competitors, representing various ranges of skating ability, did an amazing job! Well done Lottie, Sophie, Hannah, Keelin and Archie – you’re braver than most!

The evening culminated with a Halloween disco and games session on the ice, led by coaches Matt Russell and Tom Eklund.  Even Annaliese was out there, skating under the careful guidance of her mum, head coach Terri Smith.

The medal placings for all classes were:

Spin Spiral Jump
1st Charlotte Pedley
2nd Pipi Lotta Kulla

Under Level 1 (Beginners)
1st Nicola Baxter
2nd Ella Newnham

Level 1
1st Roxy Collins
2nd Felicity Gingras

Level 2 and 3
1st Jemma Southwell
2nd Tia Daley
3rd Charlotte Chapman

Level 4 and over
1st Nikita Heathfield

1st Carol Taverner

Musical Interpretation
1st Archie Bicknell
2nd Keelin Scholes
3rd Hannah Barfoot

1st Tia Daley, Nikita Heathfield and Jemma Southwell
2nd Sabrina Danzig, Leah Hancott, Daisy Jones and Izzi Parkes
3rd Archie Bicknell and Maggie Read

Groups: Adults
1st Carol and Steve Taverner

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