Easter ice skating at Braehead Arena

Coach Terri Smith plus skaters Archie Bicknell, Maggie Read and Nikita Heathfield are going up to Glasgow this week to attend Get the Edge 2010, an Easter skating school organized by Dundee senior coaches Simon and Debi Briggs. Get the Edge’s guest coach is 1994 Olympic champion Alexei Urmanov.

The school is from Saturday 3 April  – Wednesday 7 April and runs from early morning until about 4.30pm. During the day there will be on-ice classes focusing on jump technique, spinning and edge work and off-ice classes will include IJS lectures, stretching and strength conditioning. Archie, Maggie and Nikita will all being having a private lesson with Alexei and their coach Terri will be there to support them during the lessons. They are also getting a chance to have a private lesson with Simon Briggs, who was the 2010 Olympic technical specialist.

We wish them a fantastic time and look forward to hearing all about their experience upon their return.

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