Final results from the JWCC

The final results from the Junior World Challenge Cup 2010 in Gothenburg are now available at the official ISU website:

Wight Jewels were confident of improving on their position after a good skate in the official practice, especially with the two teams above them easily within striking distance based on the Jewels’ score at the British championships. But although the Jewels scored higher in the long programme on technical elements than both Hungary’s Frost Work and Croatia’s Zagreb Snowflakes, a lower than expected program component score meant they were unable to improve on their position in the short and finished in 19th place with an overall score of 78.55.

However, a number of teams right at the very top fell short of the scores achieved in their own national championships, and so the Jewels were not alone. The JWCC is the first ISU international in which the Wight Jewels have taken part, and a difference in standards is to be expected.

The worlds are clearly more exacting than national championships. For example, US teams Braemar and Skyliners scored 195.29 and 185.62 at their nationals on 2 to 6 March 2010, compared with 173.17 (4th place) and 167.52 (5th place) respectively at the JWCC only two weeks later.  Like the Jewels, the teams’ JWCC result is in the region of 10 to 13% lower than their national result.

Team Fintastic of Finland kept their lead in the short to win the JWCC overall with a total score of 192.63. Nexxice of Canada were second with a  score of 181.99, and Musketeers of Finland were third with a score of 178.82. The experience of both seeing and competing against teams of such calibre will hopefully inspire the Jewels to perform even better over the coming year.

Thanks to our superb hostesses on Saturday night, who turned out to be from Sweden’s senior synchronized skating teams: good luck to you in the senior worlds in a few weeks’ time.

Official website:

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