Results from the JWCC short programme

Wight Jewels are 19th after the short programme in the Junior World Challenge Cup in Gothenburg, scoring 31.48 with no deductions. They skated cleanly and are not far behind the 18th placed team, Frost Work of Hungary, with the potential to move up in the long programme. The Jewels’ score is slightly below – but not far off – its UK championship score of 32.84.

Coach Terri Smith reports the girls skated strongly in the official practice for the long programme this morning, and are feeling confident about today’s segment of the competition. Wight Jewels skate third in the first group of the day.

The Wight Jewels turned up at the start of the competitive day and were able to watch some truly inspirational synchronized skating. Nexxice of Canada skated an outstanding short programme midway through the second group, scoring 70.10 and holding the lead for some time. But Team Fintastic, with a start number of 17, took the deserved lead late in the day with a massive 75.40 points, unfortunately probably eclipsing the last three teams to skate.

With just 1.65 points separating the teams in 3rd to 7th places, there will be quite a battle for a medal position in the last groups to skate on Saturday. Tune in live from 15:00 hours GMT at

Full results from the short programme are at

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