British Airways rescues Island synchro teams

A big thank you to British Airways, which came to the rescue when the Island’s synchronized skating teams were stranded in Basel, Switzerland, following the cancellation of their EasyJet flight home on Sunday. The teams arrived back on the Island last night, a day later than intended.

Thank you too to EasyJet, which provided four-star overnight hotel accommodation, dinner and breakfast, and thus prevented everyone spending an uncomfortable night in an airport.

The teams did well at the competition in Huttwil, with the Wight Crystals coming first of five teams in the juveniles category with a score of 32.55. The Wight Jewels scored a personal best of 85.26 in the juniors category but came third of the three remaining competing teams (Hungary and France having withdrawn, leaving Switzerland and Italy). The Jewels’ scores continue to improve – they scored 75.31 at the Scottish championships, SK8 Scotland, in October 2009.


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