NISA test passes at Planet Ice Ryde

The following IW skaters passed NISA tests held at Planet Ice Ryde on 1 December 2008:

Field moves
Level 1: Nicola Baxter, Roxanne Collins, Anne Marie Flower, Felicity Gingras, Bethany Howarth, Beckie Vokins
Level 2: Kayleigh Baker, Mitchell Brown, Rhian Teasdale
Level 3: Tia Daley, Francesca Fry
Level 5: Charlotte Mennie, Kate Nutbourne
Level 6: Nicole Hinton

Level 1: Lucy Burns, Charlotte Mennie, Joe Somerville
Level 5: Isabelle Coeshott

Level 1: Lucy Burns, Heather MacDonald, Charlotte Mennie, Joe Somerville

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