Understanding the relative judging system

We original posted this item on how the scoring system works following the artistic competition on 21 October 2007 after questions from parents. We have brought it forward in time on the site because the same questions have arisen after the artistic competition on 31 October 2008.

The competition used the relative judging system (RJS), which is the old 0.0 to 6.0 scoring system. A brief guide to how the system works and results are calculated is available here: the_rjs_system.pdf

Please note that the system involves maths that may seem complicated. It’s why a computer is used to process the results. Your usual results monkey, Ian Marsh, can also work it out manually – but a computer is far faster!

We use the One By One comparison process of the RJS for artistic competitions to minimize the judging eccentricities of the two non-NISA judges, and to limit the impact of extravagant parental budgets on the Costume & Props mark (i.e. the ability to buy a 6.0 by lavish spending on costume).

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