IWID&FSC annual artistic competition – results

Results of the IW’s annual artistic competition held on Friday 31 October at Planet Ice Ryde were as follows.

Beginners (aged 9 and under): 1 Felicity Gingras, 2 Ella Newnham, 3 Charlotte Chapman.
Beginners (aged 10-12): 1 Abbie Parslow, 2 Phoebe MacDonald, 3 Nicola Baxter.
Beginners (aged 13+ or with level 2+ field moves): 1 Heather MacDonald, 2 Isabella Parkes, 3 Charlotte Mennie.
Level 1: 1 Leah Hancott, 2 Louisa Wrighton, 3 Tia Daley.
Level 2 & 3: 1 Jemma Southwell, 2 Nikita Heathfield 3 Demi Agar.
Level 4 and Over: 1 Yelena Brown, 2 Maggie Read, 3 Sian-Marie Edkins
Groups: 1 Archie Bicknell, Isabelle Coeshott and Gemma Marsh, 2 Tia Daley, Nikita Heathfield and Jemma Southwell, 3 Leah Hancott and Zoe Southwell.

Full results with scores in downloadable PDFs will follow in due course.

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