Triple gold for IW teams at Sk8Scotland

IW synchro teams at Sk8Scotland

IW synchro teams at Sk8Scotland

Isle of Wight skaters celebrated three more gold medals when the Island’s three synchronized skating teams – the Wight Jewels, the Wight Diamonds and the Wight Crystals – each took gold at the Sk8Scotland Competitions in Dumfries on Saturday 25 October 2008.

The Wight Jewels skated for the first time at junior level to take gold and gained excellent marks from the judges. The Wight Diamonds continued with the success of previous competitions as they took gold in the novice section. The Wight Crystals, the Island’s youngest team, did us all proud to scoop gold in the Juvenile section against tough competition from Ice Sheffield – their second gold of the year.

Team members were:

The Wight Jewels: Demi Agar, Daisy Bicknell, Sarah Close, Isabelle Coeshott (captain), Sabrina Danzig, Gemma Fishel, Leah Hancott, Nicole Hinton, Charis Jones, Alicia MacIntyre, Gemma Marsh, Charlotte Mennie, Clare Mennie, Kate Nutbourne, Maggie Read, Zoe Southwell, Emma Wilks and Phoena Wilmott Bayer.

The Wight Diamonds: Demi Agar, Yelena Brown, Lucy Burns, Sarah Close , Sabrina Danzig, Rachel Dickson, Chloe Fogaty, Leah Hancott, Nicole Hinton, Daisy Jones, Heather MacDonald, Alicia Macintyre, Gemma Marsh, Isabella Parkes, Maggie Read, Jemma Southwell, Zoe Southwell, Megan Wood and Louisa Wrighton.

The Wight Crystals: Kirsty Atter, Nicola Baxter, Mitchell Brown, Charlotte Chapman, Roxanne Collins, Tia Daley, Felicity Gingras, Leah Hancott, Nikita Heathfield, Beth Howarth, Daisy Jones, Ella Newnham, Phoebe Ockendon, Isabeela Parkes, Kayleigh Pedley, Jemma Southwell, Zoe Southwell (captain) and Louisa Wrighton.

On Sunday 26 October all team members enjoyed the synchronized training camp with guest coach Helen Wieland, who held a two hour on-ice seminar with them. There were also off-ice lessons which included team building exercises.

Coach Terri Smith said: “What an excellent start to this year’s synchro season. All the skaters have been working really hard on and off the ice and we now need to keep working hard to stay at the top.”

All three teams have another big competition in Altrincham on 6 December. This is followed by the British Championships in January and February 2009.

All our synchronised skating teams will be performing at the Christmas Ice Show on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 December at Planet Ice Ryde. Please come along and give your support to all the skaters in the show. For more details contact Planet Ice on 01983 615155.

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