IW Free Skating Competition 2008 Results

The results of the free skating competition held on Sunday 30 March 2008 are given in the following Adobe Acrobat files by class.

Class 01A Spin Spiral and Jump, aged 9 and under: spin_01a
Class 01B Spin Spiral and Jump, aged 10 to 12: spin_01b
Class 01C Spin Spiral and Jump, aged 13 and over: spin_01c
Class 01D Spin Spiral and Jump, boys, any age: spin_01d

Class 2 Pairs, any age: event_02

Class 3A Beginners, aged 9 and under: event_03a
Class 3B Beginners, aged 10 to 12: event_03b
Class 3C Beginners, aged 13 and over: event_03c

Class 4A Beginners, boys, any age: event_04a
Class 4B Beginners, men, age 18 and over: event_04b

Class 5A Level 1, aged 12 and under: event_05a
Class 5B Level 1, aged 13 and over: event_05b

Class 6 Level 2, any age: event_06

Class 7 Level 3, any age: event_07

Class 8A Level 4 girls, any age: event_08a
Class 8B Level 4 boys, any age: event_08b

Class 9 Level 5 and under women, aged 18 and over: event_09

Class 10 Level 6, any age: event_10

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